Sunday is for Reflecting: 04

Confession: My guilty pleasure is visiting a shop in Echo Park called House of Intuition. I love going to the shop to browse through their crystal collection, pick up bundles of sage, and to get a tarot card reading about once every year. Do I really believe in all that mumble jumble of psychics, mediums, and spiritual world? Not completely. Does it still fascinate me? Absolutely! I woke up today and decided it was time for another reading for the last half of the year.


I was slightly nervous before I got to my reading and I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like I had any expectations since I’ve never met the reader before. I was taken to a room by, let’s just call her K, and she was very warm and friendly to my surprise. I felt like she was a “normal” person who I was able to chit chat with without feeling spooked. We were off to a good start.

K asked me if I had wanted to ask anything in particular right before we started the session and I told her no. I just wanted a general reading for the last half of the year. She made me cut the deck in half and then we did a little prayer to call in my “spirit guide.” The first question she asked me was “Are you royalty?” I was confused and thought I had heard wrong. “Am I royalty….?” She quickly laughed and said that right off the bat the message of me being connected to a royal blood line came across very strongly and she just had to address it directly. I told her that I don’t have any info on my ancestors so I really don’t have a clue. She told me to look up my lineage and see what’s up with that.

The weird thing was, last night I was up for hours watching Youtube videos of people taking the DNA test to find out more about their ancestors. I was very intrigued about learning more since I haven’t a clue about what my ancestors did or where they really traveled. My parents were both in concentration camps in the 70’s and most of our family members died during the war, got separated to other continents, and we don’t have any records. Lately, I’ve been really curious about my ancestors and it is funny that she brought up my lineage.

Next she pulled out the cards to set it up in different categories as past, present past, present, and future. Most of the cards of the past had to do with work. I felt like it was hit or miss with the messages she was giving me. The present past was a bit creepy. It showed an ending to a romance about 2 -3 months ago, which of course I could relate to. The present cards were about me trying to figure out what to do about my life and work situation. The future cards showed a lot of sudden changes in environment, social groups / communities, ending a work situation, starting a new work situation, and new love options that’s going to pop up with my new social groups. She warned that I need to be ready emotionally and choose wisely with the next person I date because it’s going to take off really fast and will be at an intensity that I had never experienced before. However, for the next two months, I need to take the time to figure out my work plans and work on healing myself. She said that my exterior contradicts my interior. She sees an upbeat, beautiful person on the exterior but the cards were showing a lot of negativity and anxiety. I need to work past all the negativity in order to be ready for all the new changes.


I have been trying to get back on my feet with all those areas in my life so it’s interesting to get that message from today’s reading. I have to say that it’s true that I am seeking a new social group and community, so who knows? Maybe it’ll all happen as predicted by the cards or maybe life will take me on another crazy rollercoaster ride. We’ll just have to wait and see what the next few months bring in. It was a fun afternoon of playing with tarot cards.


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