Sunday is for Reflecting: 03


It’s a lovely day in Los Angeles and the Summer heat is finally here! Happy Father’s Day to all you papas and your family!


I took myself on a mini date today. I went to get myself a green juice and then went over to the Museum of Latin America Art, also known as MOLAA. What really inspired me during this visit was the exhibit called En Vision: Picturing the Self. The exhibit consisted of art of teenage girls from the Las Fotos Project, a community-based mentorship program that educates and inspires teenage girls through photography. I found the art to be touching, raw, and quite up-lifting. These girls found their voice through photography and creating.


Part of the exhibit is interactive for visitors. A desk was set up with pencils and papers and visitors were asked to answer two questions, “What would you have told your younger self?” and “What can you tell your future self?” I had so much I wanted to share. I sat down to write a long list of advice for my past and my future. After I read over my list, I placed my list of advice on the wall with the other advice from the anonymous visitors.



What I found to be a common theme with the advice wall and the exhibit was the need for us to love ourselves. So many young women were reminded and encouraged to find their voice, to know that their opinions matter, and to have unconditional self-love. This really hit a nerve with me because even as a grown woman, I needed this more than ever. With so much shit happening with our political system, to where I am in life with starting over, I needed to be reminded that we all have a voice and we all can do something great if we speak up for what’s right. This exhibit came at the perfect time for so many personal reasons.


As someone who’s recently been rejected romantically, I needed a lot of time to remind myself that I am worthy of affection, respect, and love. For days and weeks I kept on replaying the scenes of where it went wrong and what I could have done to prevent it from ending. I questioned myself and what I had to offer in a dating relationship. I questioned if I will ever be ready and meet someone who’s ready for everything I have to offer in return. When will it finally all align? I would say that I am almost completely healed but every few days or so, a thought or a feeling creeps up on me that takes me back to feeling a slight sting in the heart. I’m still waiting for time to do its thing and mend me completely.

On a lighter note, work went by pretty quickly the past week. My supervisor is nice and my coworkers are patient and encouraging. I felt like an idiot with every mistake I made but I was reminded that it’s a learning process. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.



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