Day Trip to Brighton, UK

Last May I was able to spend a day out in the beloved city of Brighton. The train ride from London was hassle free and under 2 hours. Brighton has a very bohemian, laid back feel which makes it a great weekend getaway from the hectic city vibes of London. Plus, I love how colorful everything is!


I was very lucky to have arrived to England when they had sunny, warmish weather (for England!) so taking the train down to the seaside was an absolute must. I have many fond memories here from my first trip to England and I felt the need to revisit those places that I still hold dear in my heart.


As soon as I arrived at the Brighton train station, I was greeted with volunteers handing out brochures and maps of the city. I asked the gentleman volunteer where I should go in order to get to the North Laine and he advised that I walk there to fully enjoy the view. The North Laine is an area in the city that has over 400 independent shops, including restaurants, vintage boutiques, entertainment venues, bars, specialty shops, and so much more.



Some of the shops were located on streets the size of a small bike lane or a very narrow alley way. It was amazing to walk through the narrow lanes searching for one of a kind vintage goods. I promised myself to not go crazy with the shopping and walked away with just a vintage paisley pashmina.




I forgot that the city is situated on steep hills … many steep hills! I definitely got my work out in after enjoying cake, coffee, and a delicious lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.

The ocean is very close to the North Laine so I walked there right after lunch fearing that the sunny weather would change to cloudy. One thing that people often mentioned regarding the beaches here is the fact that Brighton seafront has pebbles instead of sand. Visitors are also encouraged to rent beach chairs to relax in and soak up the sunshine.


I was in love with how pretty everything looked in the sunlight. The merry-go-round was super darling. Of course, I also stopped for ice cream on the board walk.



The Brighton Pier has a fish and chip place that was supposed to be the best in all of Brighton. I was too full from all the desserts I had eaten so I can’t confirm if it lived up to its claim.



From this view, visitors are able to see the skeleton of the old Brighton Pier that burned down in 2003.


I walked back to the North Laine and did more exploring before I had to head back to the train station. My train departs for London around 7pm.



After 7 years, I still find this English seaside city to be charming, quaint, and totally dreamy. I was sad to leave but I know that I will be back. Until next time, Brighton.


Yours Truly

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20 thoughts on “Day Trip to Brighton, UK

  1. How cute is this post?? I love all of your pictures and looks like such a fun weekend getaway!! I loved the pictures of the colorful homes and the pier. So cute!! Thank you for sharing on #FlyAwayFriday and can’t wait to see what you share next! xo Chloe

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  2. Oh my gosh I seriously adore your photos but you already knew that, hehe šŸ™‚ I guess there’s more reason to go to Brighton other than to just see Zoella! Haha, jk! The 2 hour train ride actually sounds really fun. DEFINITELY going when I hit up London! Thanks for joining #FlyAwayFriday – see you tomorrow! xo

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  3. I definitely lived vicariously through this post. I have such a strong desire to travel to the UK one day and these marvelous pictures with picturesque views helped confirm that šŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing such a beautiful memory!

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  4. I’m going to Brighton in two weeks and after reading this post I can’t wait!! The pics are amazing, of course, due to thee season, I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the weather you had but still, I’m curious to walk around the city! šŸ™‚

    Lisa |


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