A Weekend in Vancouver: Day 2

Day 2: Nature Frolic

Lynn Canyon Park Frolic


When I was asked what I wanted to do besides drink a dangerous amount of coffee in Gastown, the first thought that popped into my brain was “Let’s go to Lynn Canyon Park for some nature loving!” To get to the wildness from Vancouver took less than an hour by public transportation.



The main attraction at Lynn Canyon is the suspension bridge that is at the entrance of the park. Unlike Capilano’s suspension bridge, the suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon is smaller, less crowded, and free of charge to cross. Since I didn’t have the time or the funds to dedicate my time to Capilano, I decided that Lynn Canyon would be the better choice for a short day trip.


Have I mentioned that I am afraid of heights? Like, super afraid? Well crossing that bridge took a lot of courage. I was too terrified to look down to enjoy the beautiful waterfall view which I regret til this day. I also freaked out when some bratty kids jumped on the bridge and it swayed violently. I might or might not have yelled out words of profanity…



My favorite part of the visit was hiking to the deep pool and getting to dip my toes in the cold water. I felt like I was somehow a part of nature by being there.



After running around a bit at Lynn Canyon Park, Marjie and I decided it was time to go to Stanley Park before it gets too dark. The weather turned from sunshine to gloom really quickly in the Pacific Northwest.

Stanley Park Frolic

Stanley Park is huge. We should have rented bikes and explored the park that way but we were both pretty exhausted from our little hike at Lynn Canyon Park. We walked the Sea Wall and enjoyed the view from the bike path. I was surprised that the park is located so close to the city.




Right by the gift shop visitors flocked to take pictures of the totem poles created by the Native people of Vancouver. I got up pretty close to them and got to see that they were very detailed and must have taken so long to complete! Truly beautiful!



As the sunshine started to fade, Marjie and I were reminded that we haven’t eaten a proper meal. It was time to head back home to get some rest and figure out what we should have for dinner. I introduced Marjie to Pho, a delicious Vietnamese noodle dish, that is always  perfect for gloomy weather. We drank wine on the balcony of her place and then went to bed shortly because she had work early the next morning.

I got to explore the city by myself the next day. Stay tuned for that upcoming post!


Yours Truly



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