Coffee Makes Everything Better.

Yes, this post is about my favorite thing in the world… COFFEE!! You can insert the eye roll here but really though, if you drink coffee, you know it makes your day brighter. Literally. Here’s a short list of why coffee is awesome!

  1. The Aroma. The smell of coffee alone makes me feel more alert. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. It feels like a big, warm hug.
  2.  The Morning Ritual. I absolutely love my morning ritual that starts off with a hot cup of coffee and some light reading. It’s that time in the morning when I get to think in peace and read my favorite blogs before my day starts.
  3. Social Coffee Drinking. Going out for coffee is a great social activity! I love going to the local independent coffee shops to meet up with friends. We get to catch up over coffee when we have an hour in between our conflicting schedules. Plus, it doesn’t cost a crap load of money like going out to bars or restaurants.


4. Coffee + Adventures. I know this is an odd one, but many of my great moments while traveling and exploring involved coffee in one way or another. Just the other day I was looking at photos through my phone and saw coffee pictures in the many different places I visited while I was traveling in Europe. One picture was able to take me back to that time I was lost in Amsterdam due to getting off on the wrong stop. From getting lost and stopping for coffee,  I found a whole new part of the city that I adored. The little unplanned things like that really made my trip special.eightfold

5. The Coffee Buzz! When I drink coffee, I get this buzz that makes me concentrate better. I feel more productive, creative, and calm. There’s so much magic in one cup!

Those are my main reasons for why I am such a big coffee lover. Aside from the fact that coffee is delicious and sometimes pretty, a great cup of coffee will help me take on the world even when I don’t feel like doing the whole adult thing.



One thought on “Coffee Makes Everything Better.

  1. I love love loooooove this post! The Social Drinking part is so true. If you’re with the right person, coffee is more than enough for a good hour or two…ok maybe with some pastries but still 🙂 Which we still need to do! xo


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