Catching Up With Reality

I’m baccckkkk! Oh boy, jet lag is rough and I am still suffering from exhaustion. I think I even forgot how to drive the day after I got back from my trip! I seriously don’t know how I made it to work the morning after I flew into California from London. It has been 3 days and I am still trying to readjust myself to get used to being in this time zone!

I had to get an acai bowl. Time to get back into a healthy eating habit!

It’s so hard to put into words about my one week travel adventures. It was only one week that I was able to spend time in Amsterdam / London but it felt like I was there for a really long time, in a good way! While I was away, all my worries about work, unnecessary stress over boy drama, and the feeling of being stuck in a rut seemed to have drifted away. I simply just forgot. I felt so removed from everything that I thought mattered because when I was able to take a step back away from everything, it became clear that it all didn’t matter. I didn’t need to be in situations that was stressing me out.

While I was traveling, I also came to the realization that the world is such a small place. Everything is connected and everyone is connected. I made connections with people from all over the world and even some from California! And from all these people I’ve met, they have all impacted my human experience in their own special way. I don’t know if we’ll ever see one another again but I am so glad that we have crossed paths.

My trip was far from perfect to say the least. From having to take crazy detours to get to my hostels, due to road closures, to falling asleep on the tram in Amsterdam, the unexpected taught me that life requires flexibility. We can plan for days and for weeks but the unexpected will happen and we can’t control everything.

This is just a catch up post to say that I am back but I shall be sharing travel stories in the future posts. Have a great weekend, friends 🙂



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