Flights confirmed, hostels booked!

I know, I know I haven’t written for quite a bit. To recap my last few weeks, they were only filled with more anxiety, rejection, and major mood swings. Let’s forget all of that and talk about travel!

I originally planned for a 12 day trip to Europe but I had to change the amount of days I would be gone. I thought I wouldn’t have to ask permission to leave the country from my current job since I thought I would be at a new company by now. I got granted a week off for this Spring Holiday and I am going to make the most out of it! One week is too short for me to do much country hopping. I am not the type of traveler that only cares about crossing new cities / countries off a list. I want to spend more time in each destination to appreciate the destination as more than a tourist.


With all that being written, I am going to be spending more time in Amsterdam and then fly off to London! I am so excited to return to these two cities! Amsterdam is slow moving and charming while London is a proper bustling city. I have a lot of activities planned for each place but I am very much looking forward to returning to London. It will be my closure.


I can’t wait to drink coffee, eat delicious meals, visit museums, visit beautiful gardens, and experience the local traditions!


I have so much to write about but will need to do that another time! Stay tuned for a post about the Sober Christian Hostel I ended up booking for my stay in Amsterdam. Oh boyyyy.



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