Things I really, really want to do in 2016.

My laptop has been impossible to work with for the past 2 weeks so that is my excuse for not posting more. I am terrible, I know. Instead of posting New Year Resolutions I am going to dedicate this post to things I really, really want to do this year! Here is the list in no particular order.

Travel within the USA. I realized that I have been abroad 4 times and yet I have not even been to most of the major cities in America! I want to start appreciating what we have here. Each state has its own culture and something different to appreciate. Chicago has always been one of those cities I had dreamt about visiting but kept on putting off, but not anymore! I booked my flight for a visit in September. I am looking at other cities like Austin and New Orleans … which one should I visit?? Decision, decision…

Travel Abroad. Okay so this is something I want to do EVERY YEAR. This year I want to revisit some cities I really enjoyed but was short on time. I will be spending my Spring holiday in Amsterdam, possibly flying down to the South of France, and then ending the trip in London. I am most excited to go back to London, because so many first’s happened there. First time traveling alone. First time falling in love. First time feeling independent and brave. First time my heart broke. First time experiencing the kindness from strangers every time I was in sticky situations. I want to go back and get to know London all over again. I wonder if I will still feel that passionate love I once felt.

Spend more time being out in nature. I am a city girl and I live in Los Angeles so getting to “nature” is a bit of a hassle. I know it’s such a lame excuse but I often forget that I could get away from the city in just a couple of hours. After going through my photos from my Portland trip from 2 years ago, I came across some really nice ones of the waterfalls I saw while hiking. I also remembered how happy and calm I felt while I was out there, just being outside, enjoying nature’s beauty. I want to do more of that this year. I am not sure, yet, on where I should go but I might even get a little crazy and attempt to camp. I have never done proper camping before so I have no idea where to even being. HELP ME.

Those are some major things I want to do but of course the list will grow.


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