Solo Exploration

After sleeping over at Imy’s apartment for 2 nights, I moved to my hostel in the artistic neighborhood of Monmartre. Her parents were coming into town because they were attending her cousin’s wedding. She dropped me off at my hostel and we planned on seeing each other again before I leave.


I sat outside of a cafe in Monmartre and admired this view.

It was a pretty nice hostel next to a bar and I was in a room with 3 other female travelers. All the girls in my room were nice but kept to themselves. One girl was from San Francisco, the other one from Australia, and the third one was from Germany. Unlike myself, they were all seasoned travelers and were over the excitement of hostel hopping. I had to explore the area alone and I was okay with that. My third day in Paris was about relaxing and walking around the Monmartre neighborhood.


In love with the architecture of this street!


Perfectly Imperfect.

Night time came and no one in my room wanted to go out. I decided to just suck it up and get my butt on the metro to explore other parts of the city alone. I wanted to go to a bar in the Bastille area that had great reviews on Yelp. As I had feared, I got lost and couldn’t find the bar. I thought about just going to another French bar in the area but French bars are intimidating if you’re going alone. People don’t really talk to you, they have their own group of friends.


I had to make a stop at a gourmet chocolate shop on my walk around the neighborhood.

I ended up at an Irish pub instead. I needed a place where people speak English and the atmosphere more lively. That was exactly what I got when I walked in. All the bartenders had Irish accents and the crowd were mostly Brits. They were gathered there to watch the Wales vs England Rugby match over a few pints. I ordered nachos and a pint of Irish beer, I don’t remember the name. I joked around with a bunch of Brits and we had a laugh. I thought it was funny how I always seemed to be very comfortable with British people.

I left before the game ended because I was worried about walking back to the hostel late at night.

For the first time in a long time, I felt very alone. I was alone in a city that has such a different attitude socially than the city I am from. I had a really hard time understanding how to get around since I had to rely on free wifi for GPS. My open and extroverted personality had to be toned down since communication was an issue. I realized how much Los Angeles felt like a big, warm inviting hug.

I went to bed that night and dreamt of that stupid boy I shouldn’t have been dreaming about. Sadly, traveling thousands of miles away from “home” didn’t stop my mind from thinking about that nonsense.

The next day I had plans to meet a young female couch surfer to do some exploring together.

Paris17And when the sun sets…


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