Paris Highlights <3

First stop was at this naughty street where the infamous Moulin Rouge is located. Imy’s apartment is located 5 minutes away by scooter from this tourist attraction. You could also find dozens of sex shops, live sex shows, cafes, bars, and souvenir shops in this area. I didn’t get to see a show at the Moulin Rouge this time around but it is on my bucket list!

First stop! Imy's apartment is a 5 minute scooter ride away from the Moulin Rouge so we stopped on this naughty street first.

Musee de Louvre
Next stop: Musee de Louvre


The famous glass pyramid at the Louvre.



The Tuileries Garden is right across the street from the Louvre Museum. From here you could see the Eiffel Tower. This beautiful public garden had vendors selling coffee, ice cream, souvenirs, and plastic selfie sticks. Oh, and the pigeons were vicious!


I had to document my obsession with cobblestone streets. I still don’t know how people manage to walk on these streets all day, everyday. Even when I wore sneakers, I felt my feet hurting after just an hour of walking.


On the other side of the Louvre, is the Pont des Arts bridge. This is the bridge that is famous for the love locks as you could see here. Many of the locks have been removed and replaced with art but these remained. I originally wanted to put a lock on there with “Wendy + Coffee” written but after reading many of the locks, I decided against it. I want to come back one day with my love and put our lock on the bridge. It’s true what you’ve heard about Paris, it is quite romantic. So many couples holding hands and kissing every where. I became aware of how much I wanted someone to hold hands with…


Our last tourist destination of the day to visit was the Arc de Triomphe. It was crazy to see this world famous landmark in person. So much history involving this one arch. Napoleon Bonaparte never saw the completion of the Arc de Triomphe.


The first day of my Paris adventure ended with a traditional French dinner at a cafe in the neighborhood of Le Marais. Imy and I were both exhausted and sleepy by the time 4pm came around. We went back to her apartment after dinner to rest our feet and to catch up on some bad French reality tv shows. We, of course, went drinking at another neighborhood bar when the moon came out to play.


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