Paris Part 3

The next morning was a rough one. I woke up jet lagged and hungover but extremely aware. I went out on Imy’s balcony and took these photos. I FELT like I was in Paris. With the Parisian architecture, the hustle and bustle, and the crisp cold air, I was definitely not in Los Angeles anymore.


I loved looking out and seeing these beautiful historic buildings.


   Imy’s apartment is right on top of a bakery. I went down to the bakery to get us chocolate almond croissants. However, there was a 8 euro minimum to use a credit card and one croissant only costed about 2 euro. Imagine how many other sweets I brought up to the apartment… Oops!



I was obsessed with her indoor plants. Those doors led to one of her 3 balconies.


Imy and I on her scooter. I was so nervous / scared that I held on a little too tight. Right after we took off, she pulled over to the side and asked me to not cling on so hard, she wasn’t able to drve.


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