Paris Part 1

My journey began with a flight to Copenhagen for a 2 hour layover. My flight departed from LAX at 8:30pm. The plane ride there was a bit … hellish. I sat in the middle aisle of the plane and right next to me was a mother and her small child. The child was probably around 2 years old. He wore a Mickey Mouse sweat shirt and sweat pants. The child talked for hours in French and the only thing I could understand were the words “Mickey Mouse” ! After he talked about Mickey Mouse for hours, he sang about Mickey Mouse for another hour or so. All seemed fine and it was probably around 12am on the plane so naturally people were starting to go to sleep.

Well, small French child went to sleep for about 1 hour and then the crying started. When he started crying/screaming, 2 other babies on the plane started crying. It was like a symphony of crying and shrieking. This went on for about an hour straight and then continuously throughout the flight. I felt bad for the mother since she tried rocking him to sleep and tried feeding him but he wasn’t having any of it.

The flight was about 10 hours and towards the end of it, everyone was getting fed up with the crying. During the last hour, the French child started crying and whining again and his mother kept on telling him “Oskar! Shhh!” The hot guy that sat directly in the front of them lost his shit and turned around to look at Oskar. He then yelled “Oskar!! SHHHH!!!” and then flipped him off. Yep, a grown ass man flipped off a screaming small child. I wasn’t sure how to react to that because that kid was super annoying but the guy shouldn’t have snapped like that?? On the other hand, he was sexy and I was kinda digging it? I don’t know you guys!

The mother just stared at the hot guy but didn’t say anything. Oskar became quiet the rest of the flight.

I was relieved to land safely in Copenhagen even though I probably got 3 hours of sleep the entire flight. I was very impressed with the airport’s coffee shops. They were on point with having hipster cafes there with great lattes. America, take notes!

The flight to Paris was about 2 hours long but … it took me the same amount of time to actually get front the airport to my final destination when it should have only taken about 40 minutes. Our plane landed around 10pm at Paris OLY airport in the rain. Being from LA, I am really ignorant with how to take public transportation. If you add that ignorance with a language barrier, you get a crying lady at a metro station.

Next post will go into details about my first night in Paris.


One thought on “Paris Part 1

  1. I’m so excited to read and hear all about your journey, Wendy! I’m sorry you had some frustrating and emotional times but isn’t it great to FEEL something, even if the emotions aren’t good ones? I feel like in our normal life, we go about our day numb to everything, just trying to get through…. when we travel, we open ourselves to a range of emotions, smells and sights! I hope you are catching up on your sleep right now 🙂


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