It ends in Barcelona…

I have been avoiding updating because I’ve been finding it hard to sit down and really think about this whole experience. It had been so frustrating, overwhelming, and difficult at times that I was left wondering if I had made the right decision by going on this adventure by myself. Then, there were those moments that I felt liberated, joyful, and in awe. It was so uncomfortable feeling so many range of emotions on a daily basis. Now that it is my last day, I am feeling quite sad that this journey is coming to an end.

I chose to end my trip in Barcelona because I thought it would be nice to end it all with sunny beach weather. I imagined that I would get to relax on the beach before flying back home. Ironically, Paris and Amsterdam were both sunny and warm while Barcelona has been raining off and on since my arrival. Still, this city is so much fun that a little thunderstorm is whatever.

I will need to write a post about my experiences in each city when I get home.

To sum this up, I wish I had more time and a shorter checklist.

See you soon, friends.


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