So…I forgot to book a flight…!

I am currently sitting at Urth Caffe in DTLA trying to organize all the things I have to do before my trip. One of it is to actually book a flight to my last destination. I forgot that I never booked a flight to Barcelona! I can’t even tell you how I managed to do that. The obvious thing here is I AM LOSING IT.

And no, I haven’t finished packing, yet. I still need to go buy thick socks, locks, those squishy jelly things you put in your shoes for comfort, cosmetics, and whatever else I am forgetting at the moment. I am a light packer so I should be fine. I will NOT pack a suitcase full of shoes … again…

I have been so restless for the last 2 weeks. I kept on asking the Universe for signs and have not gotten any that I am satisfied with. Maybe that is a sign in itself.

My heart feels heavy and maybe this time away will be just what I needed.

Just one sleep away now.


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